About Us

Today, global problems pose enormous challenges to humanity. Inflation, global pandemics, job losses.

BizKickstart.network launched its online platform in 2021. We have developed a unique and special compensation plan.

We give our members the opportunity to start their own online business by working with us.
Our Goal

Through our program, our members can realize their own special ideas to start their online business.

They can launch their own web stores, advertising platform or another online program.

We give our members the opportunity to start their own startup businesses through our compensation plan.

We give members the opportunity, through our compensation plan, to solve the financial problems of an existing business.
Our contracted partner

We recommend the programs of MetalGrizzly and the scripts of YourFreeWorld with copyright and license agreement. We provide excellent programming background, design, special scripts, domain and hosting service.

We could on request undertake the design and creation of Websites.

Custom contract for website maintenance.

Before starting your business, ask for our personal information so that we can help you with professional advice in building your website.

We do not provide investment or tax advice.

Consult your tax and investment advisor under the laws of your country.

We speak English, Hungarian and Serbian.