• 1. Is www.bizkickstart.network a hyip, pyramid scheme, ponzi or illegal program?  
  • No, this is not an investment site nor is it illegal in any way, shape, or form. We sell Products including advertising services, ebooks and scripts. Business Kickstart Network offers quite a lot of services and other products of the highest possible quality. When people buy these services, the revenues are distributed primarily based on the efforts of people who made those sales. (first sales of services happen, then the revenue is distributed as detailed in the compensation plan).

    www.bizkickstart.network is an online product and service platform for all marketers. We reward our members in our three different entrepreneur plans for referring new members who purchase products using our platform. 

    1.1 Business Kickstart Network have contracts only with valid legal companies and resells products and services protected by a licence contract.
  • 2. What online products and services do I receive from Business Kickstart Network and its contracted partners?
  • 2.1 Ebooks and guides with master resell rights: Every Entrepreneur Pack includes an ebook package,which will be available for download as soon as the user purchases the correspondent package

    2.2 Website scripts and full websites at a discounted price: Regarding the Entrepreneur Pack you have purchased, you get an X percent discount if you want to purchase a website.

    2.3 Free advertising for Entrepreneur Partners: With a free advertising campaign, Business Kickstart Network helps all partners who buy website scripts through him, so that our registered members can get to know their online business. We put their business into the company’s rotator program and our social media sites.

    2.4 Paid Advertising Service: Login Ads and sending the your business offer to our members via the www.bizkickstart.network mailer system.
  • 3. Does bizkickstart.network do humanitarian aid?
  • Yes,as  a patronage program, www.bizkickstart.network supports  Crossroads Foundation https://crossroadsfoundation.xyz/and transfers 100% of its advertising profits to the foundation.
  • 4. Who is an Affiliate Partner?
  • With the payment of the $50 (worth of USDT-TRC20 Network) Developer fee, every user gets the Affiliate Partner status. An Affiliate Partner uses the products and services of the program. The user can choose to further recommend the www.bizkickstart.network system and earn additional high value commissions through the Entrepreneur Partner Program.
    The user can use the free services and earn additional commissions by re-selling products with resell rights.
  • 5. Is there a Developer fee?
  • Yes! We do have an Developer fee on the initial purchase of each registration to cover transaction fees, our payment processor fees and administrative expenses. Also, we will return 50% of the Developer fee to our Affiliate Partners.
  • 6. Can I stay an Affiliate Member forever?
  • Yes, however, this is not a 100% free program! You pay a $50 (worth of USDT-TRC20 Network) Developer fee and can use www.bizkickstart.network programs and services. You are also entitled to a 10% discount on the price of our business partners products.
    You can use our paid advertising service: you can buy mailer and login ads.
  • 7. Is further recommendation mandatory?
  • No! Absolutely not! There is no obligation to recommend our program!
    We reward our members in our four different Entrepreneur Packs for referring new members who purchase products using our platform.
    We share back 50% of the Developer fee!
    $ 12.5 (worth of cryptocurrency) to cash balance.
    $ 12.5 (worth of cryptocurrency) to your deposit balance, which can be used to activate Entrepreneur Pack (EP) 1-2-3-4, or to activate your front line with the PIF system.
  • 8. Who is an Entrepreneur Partner?
  • All Affiliate Partners who activate Entrepreneur Packs become an Entrepreneur Partner.
    An Entrepreneur Partner plans to start his own online business, and can do it through our contracted partners at www.bizkickstart.network.
    An Entrepreneur Partners can use the free services and earn additional commissions in the matrix program and by reselling products.
    Sites like www.bizkickstart.network, in addition to being free to join, offer very high commission and provide professional sites easy to navigate and understand. Investing in all these programs can be expensive but joining is free and you can benefit from referrals. However, the choice is yours. We only give you a tool that you can use at your wish.
  • 9. Do you have to be an entrepreneur to register on www.bizkickstart.network?
  • No, Absolutely NOT! Everyone registers as a private member. You can choose to just earn a commission or plan to start your own online business through Business Kickstart Network’s contracted partners.
    However, the choice is your. We only give you a tool that you can use at your own wish!
    Note: www.bizkickstart.network is not aware of the business and tax laws of your country. Before starting a business, contact your accountant or tax expert.
  • 10.Does the Entrepreneur Packs (EP) have monthly fees?
  • No, absolutely NOT! Automatical purchase high levels.
    Entrepreneur Pack 1(EP1) 3x2 matrix system:  $50 (worth USDT-TRC20 Network)
    Entrepreneur Pack 2 (EP2) 2x2 matrix system: $200 (worth of USDT-TRC20 Network)
    Entrepreneur Pack 3 (EP3) 2x2 matrix system: $400 (worth USDT-TRC20 Network)                      Entrepreneur Pack 4 (EP3) 2x2 matrix system: $750 (worth USDT-TRC20 Network) 
    Our goal: Earn your matrix commission again and again every cycle!
  • 11. What commissions Business Kickstart Network pays to Entrepreneur Partners?
  • We pay three types of commission to Entrepreneur Partners:
    1. Affiliate Commission: 2x 12.5$ (worth of BTC)/affiliate
    2. Matrix Commission: Every matrix position pays immediately/member/level!
    3.Referral Commission: 1st Level 10%-5%!
    This is not a typical Matrix Program. We support deep team building!
    More Info: Compensation Plan.
  • 12. I may lose the EP1-EP2-EP3-EP4 matrix positions?
  • No, absolute NOT! By activating your first EP matrix position(s), you have permanently and irrevocably taken your place in the matrix structure. Each EP Position - at every level - pays you a matrix bonus instantly! Every month, again and again!
  • 13. How do i join? 
  • Click “Join Now” on the menu and fill out the registration form. Enter your desired username, first name, last name, USDT-TRC20 address, valid and working email address, password, master pin (6 number).
    WARNING: Do not share your login details and master pin code with anyone.

    Aol, Hotmail, Yahoo, Mail.ru and any others Slows down the process of your email verification.

    13.2 Your registration is confirmed by an email verification! 
    You can only log into your web office after paying the ONE-TIME Developer fee.
    The Payment gateway will process the payment within 15 minutes.
    We will send you an email notification of the successful approval.

    13.3 I cannot login, what should I do?
    A. If you have not paid the Developer fee, the system will not allow you to log in.
    B. If you know your login details or you have requested a new password, make sure you enter the details manually by typing them into the login box. Copy and paste from an email may sometimes have trailing spaces. If needed, copy and paste onto a text document and copy and paste again from there after you checked for extra spaces and removed them.
  • 14. Can I have more than one account?
  • Absolutely NOT! There is no need to maintain more than one account. If you've lost your login information, you can request to have it sent to your email address. If we notice that you are registering multiple accounts, we will also delete your main account and fraudulent accounts. You will also lose all your commissions. Read the Privacy Policy and the Earning Disclaimer.

    General questions: Payment Gateway-Deposit-Withdrawal-Refund
  • 1. What kind of Cryptocurrency are you using?
  • We use ONLY USDT-TRC20 Network! Withdrawals we only process in USDT-TRC20. 
  • 2. Do I need a CoinPayments wallet to pay?
  • No, CoinPayments is only our payment gateway, you can send from any crypto wallet to the address given.
  • 3. How long does it take from the time of the payment until I am upgraded?
  • Normally around 30 min, CoinPayments uses blockchain technology to confirm the transactions so it depends from the blockchain.
  • 4. How does Deposit Funds work?
  • Choose Deposit Funds from the side menu in your back office.
    Click: Amount Deposit and write how much you want to deposit (minimum 10$ worth of USDT-TRC20+Network Fee).
    Click the Green "Deposit" button.
    Click on the blue CoinPayments button and click on the Cryptocurrency button. Enter your name and email and submit.
    CoinPayments will open a popup window with the wallet address to pay to. Copy the amount, the wallet address and after pasting it, transfer the amount.
    Minimum deposit: $10 worth of USDT-TRC20 + Network Fee.
  • 5. How does Purchase Position(s) work?
  • Select Purchase Position from the side menu in your back office, select Entrepreneur Pack 50-200-400-750, choose payment mode (Purchase Wallet or Cash Wallet) and click the Red "Purchase" button.
  • 6. How does Withdrawal work?
  • Choose Withdrawal from the side menu. Enter the amount you want to withdraw in $. Click “Submit”. Due to Transaction fees, minimum withdrawal is $100.
    You can only withdraw in USDT-TRC20.
    How long do withdrawals take?
    Earning withdrawals take about 2-3  workdays because they are manually processed.
    Minimum withdrawal: $100 worth USDT
    Maximum withdrawal: $2000 worth USDT / workday
    Payments: Only workdays (Monday to Friday)
    Withdraw requests are checked manually after verification. Fraudulent offices will be deleted immediately.
  • 7. Is there a withdrawal fee?
  • Yes, 2% withdrawal fee,
  • 8. What is "Reserve Fund"?
  • From Deposit or Cash Balance, transfer the amount of money you will use for ads or to buy scripts and software to the Reserve Funds. The other commissions you can freely withdraw.
    How does script and software purchasing from "Reserve Funds" work?
    1. step: Contact our contracted partner in person through their website, https://www.metalgrizzly.com, or https://www.yourfreeworld.com
    2. step: Tell us your idea, budget and talk about the extra services, take advantage of the discount!
    3. step:  Transfer the amount to your Reserve Funds account.
    Example: chosen script (-discount) + domain + hosting + web design + extra service amount: $2000
    Bizkickstart.network transfers the agreed amount to the partners.
  • 9. Do You offer refunds? 
  • No, we do not offer any kind of refunds. All payments that are made for the purchase of products including advertising credits and immediate payment of commission to other members. If you choose to sign up for this program, you agree to the Terms as set forth by the Administration.
  • 10. How advertising works?
  • With your paid ads, you 100% support the Crossroads Foundation!
    Website: https://crossroadsfoundation.xyz/
    Advertising Pack cost 50$ worth USDT-TRC20
    Official USDT-TRC20 account: xxx
    Other cryptocurrencies - check here: https://crossroadsfoundation.xyz/2019/04/01/donate-now/
    Or pay from your commission by using the "Reserve Funds" menu. 
    We give: 3x Login Ads - 1000 views/ad and 1 mailer ad for all of our users about your business opportunity.
    Send your ad text and registration link to the following email address:
    Subject: Paid Ad + Transaction ID / or Paid Ad + Username
    Body: Ad text + registration link.
  • 11. Can I also purchase a script or service directly from MetalGrizzly even if I am not a member?
  • Yes, but then there is no discount from Bizkickstart.network.
  • 12. Can I also buy a script or service from an external source or only from Reserve Funds?
  • Yes, you can pay from an external source, but in order to receive discounts (10% -15% -20%-25%), you must be registered at least as an affiliate partner.
  • 13. What happens if a SPAM complaint is submitted?  
  • We do NOT tolerate SPAM in any way. We investigate all SPAM complaints and if the complaint is proven your account will be deleted immediately and all your unpaid earnings will be forfeited. If your account is deleted for SPAM you shall have no recourse against Bizkickstart.network.

    13.1. Can I promote any type of website?
    We do not allow adult content websites and your site must be legal. Your site should not contain harmful software, such as viruses, trojans or worms. Also we will not send traffic to sites which promote hate, violence or illegal activities.

    13.2. Advertising Criteria: Only legal businesses that have been operating for a period of at least one year. You cannot advertise any scams, or illegal activities. These will be deleted via the process of random inspections.
  • 14. Do I have to pay taxes from the money I earn?
  • It is each member's responsibility to pay taxes on earnings from our site. The amount you have to claim is specific for each individual state so we would be unable to provide you with an accurate figure for payment. Please check with the applicable tax laws in your residing state for more information.

    14.1 What about USDT and taxes?
    USDT is not a fiat currency (Stable Coin) with legal tender status in any jurisdiction, but often tax liability accrues regardless of the medium used. There is a wide variety of legislation in many different jurisdictions which could cause income, sales, payroll, capital gains, or some other form of tax liability to arise with USDT. 
    VAT/GST and other taxes (such as income tax) still apply to transactions made using bitcoins for goods and services. Besides being created as a reward for mining, bitcoin can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services in legal markets.
  • 15. Is the server protected against Ddos and hackers?
  • Yes, indeed. Protection has been installed and in addition we do make backups of the database twice a day. If for some reason an attack were to take the site down and destroy our data it would only be a matter of a few hours before we would be able to restore to the last backup point!
  • 16. What is Vis Maior? 
  • „Greater force.” An unforeseeable intervening event that purportedly excuses treaty or contractual obligations with which the event interferes. For example, intervention of local or state authorities. The fulfillment of obligations becomes impossible. Accordingly, if the fulfillment of obligations becomes impossible due to reasons that neither side is responsible for, the contract ceases to be legally binding.
    For further questions, read Terms and Conditions